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Differences between ARCGIS and QGIS

Since I started doing GIS I have mainly used ARCGIS for most of my work. However, a few months later I was introduced to QGIS. One thing I realized is that if you combined these two softwares or used a combination if other different mapping softwares you could probably get better results.
Here I am going to share various differences between ARCGIS and QGIS since if you considered what both of them are good at, and take advantage of that, you could be more efficient and advanced.

1.QGIS uses all types of data
ARCGIS was my favorite software, and it is for most people, until I realized that it doesn't consume all types of data. On the other hand, QGIS is more versatile as it consumes a wide range of data formats. QGIS makes use of GDAL/OGR libraries to read and write GIS data formats. More than 65 data formats are supported in QGIS.
QGIS was developed so that it could work with POSTGIS, but it also works with ENC, Shapefiles geodatabase, MapInfo formats, MicroStation file formats…

Geography is fundamental to solving our most crucial problems

Geography has become of great importance in improved decisions and faster growth. In the near future, geospatial technologies will be embedded in almost all aspects that are important in industrial revolution and therefore will be invisible to the end user. This can be made possible through machine learning where geospatial technologies will be embedded in most workflows and there will be no need for professionals to tackle the whole process again and again.

Most IT and engineering companies are planning to partner with geospatial technology companies. In the past few years, there has been an increase in market and demand for geospatial solutions and these companies wantbto have the capability to acquire a broader customer base. This shows that Geography has a great rile in solving most problems facing our society in the 21st century.

Internet if things, climate mitigation strategies and autonomous vehicles are great market opportunities for large engineering companies and in the nex…